President's Club

Enjoy the best in live entertainment in an exclusive way.

Our President's Club will make a lasting impression on you and your guest and offers the premier entertainment experience.

Your President's Club Membership entitles you and your guests to:

  • Access to the Sen. Frank Mann VIP Lounge
  • Reserved Parking in the VIP Parking Lot
  • Private VIP Lounge Bartender
  • Private Restroom Facilities
  • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and snacks
  • Personal Concierge Ticketing Services
  • Advanced Notification to Purchase Tickets to All Upcoming Events Prior to the General Public.

Annual Costs


  • $1,000*

    • (With purchase of 2 Broadway Series Season Tickets. Includes yourself and a guest. $500 Membership for each additional Season Ticket.)

  • $1,500*

    • (Membership does not require the purchase of Broadway Series Season Tickets. One Membership includes yourself and a guest.)

The President’s Club is open 1 hour prior to show time, during intermission and 30 minutes after the show ends.

*Additional Guests: President’s Club Members may purchase additional guest passes for up to two events per season. Members who enter the President's Club with additional guests for more than two events will result in an additional membership fee being charged.

*BBMANN reserves the right to restrict the number of guest passes​*

Guest passes are only available for tickets purchased by the President's Club Member.

Seating location: Please note that if you were to join the President's Club and receive Premium Seating specially reserved for President's Club members only, continued membership to the Club would be required to retain that seating location.

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