About Barbara B. Mann

If there had been a definition in Webster’s Dictionary for a Remarkable Woman in the Community Arts, there would have been a three-word definition: “Barbara B. Mann”. This remarkable lady was instrumental in giving the Southwest Florida Community of Lee County its heart and soul.

In the days where there were only dirt roads in Fort Myers, Barbara campaigned door-to-door with her two young sons in hand to raise the money to bring world-class culture and entertainment to the community. She worked as President of the Community Concerts Association for over 40 years, President of the Symphony, the Alliance for the Arts and for 30 years was organist and choir director for her church.

She was presented with the Red Cross’ Humanitarian Award and the Star of Touring Broadway Award. At that time it was announced that Barbara received her high school diploma from Thomas Alva Edison himself. The audience laughed, and Barbara spoke right up saying “Well, I’m old!” And that was the night that Barbara Mann captured the hearts of Broadway. She was one of a kind.

Today, due to this great lady, there stands the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall which has been home to world-class musicals and performing artists.